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The Ford group can claim ownership of more than one brands and the Edsel was one them between 1958 and 1960. Originally, it was named after the only child of Henry Ford since he founded the brand. Due to its poor sales, however, two years later the production of Edsel ceased. The unique and totally distinctive shapes of Edsel models are of real interest. At us an especially interesting model is on display, which is not accidentally a popular car among collectors.


The Stutz Motor Company manufactured luxury cars from 1911 until 1935. The brand was revived again by Stutz Motor Car Company of America, and their first luxury car made its debut in 1970. The models came with virtually all the extras then in existence, that’s the reason why it was a favorite brand of celebrities. Also, some of its models are the world’s most expensive cars. It was Elvis Presley who bought the first Stutz Blackhawk. During the first 25 years of production, a total of only about 617 models had been made. In our museum there is a Blackhawk model from 1974, a year in which altogether a total of 10 pieces were manufactured.


It was manufactured from 1928 until 1961. DeSoto is named after Hernando de Soto, a 16th century Spanish conqueror. In the mid-fifties, Imperial making its entry into the market has changed DeSoto’s situation.


Ford’s history speaks for itself, however, we would ask you to come visit us and see five different models at us. You would find a small two-door T-bird convertible from the 50-ies, an especially rare Fairline whose hard roof closes as one into the trunk and a 1958 Thunderbird which interestingly is the same model as the one with which Medveczky Ilona, the famous Hungarian diva arrived once. Furthermore, if that were not enough, a burgundy Mustang sports car is waiting for you to hire even without a driver.

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